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A Typical Day Living at Safe House Stellenbosch


Our safe house is place of safety for the women and their children who have no place to go when fleeing domestic violence. We provide them with more than just a roof over their heads, L’Abrie de Dieu – God’s Shelter, is a home above all else.

We are sure many people have wondered what a typical day for a resident of the Safe House looks like. We’d like to share this insight with you so that you can tell others who might find themselves in need of safety from domestic violence.

We treat our house like a home. Not halfway house and certainly not a hotel. We all pitch in, doing chores like cooking and laundry – just like one would in any household. Every mother takes care of her own child / children, but residents often help each other out, in that those that don’t have jobs might take the kids to school for the mothers who do work. We have a roster so that there is an even distribution of chores amongst everyone and so that everyone knows what they are expected to do and when. Our House Mothers Nosi and Lydia, ensure that everything runs like it should.

We also make time every week for special counselling sessions and house meetings. Blanché is our in-house Social Worker who counsels the women through their recovery from abuse one-on-one and in groups. Our Skills Training Facilitator, Charlene teaches the residents relevant skills for future employment which also includes basic computer skills. Charlene also the pivotal person in assisting the women with applying for suitable jobs that match their skillset. Furthermore, various Life Skills are taught such as Parenting Skills, Domestic Skills, sewing and crafts.We believe that a person’s time at the Safe House should be focused on healing and empowerment. That is why we invest so much into counselling and skills development.



Because children often make up a large part of our residency, we have integrated play therapy into our programme and we have made sure that we have a playroom and outdoor play area for the kids too.

After work and over weekends there’s plenty of time for relaxation, so often we have movie nights, play board games or braai. We also celebrate birthdays and other special days. Residents are allowed to have visitors by pre-arrangement.

Safe House Stellenbosch often receives volunteers who visit and donate their time or talents to our residents. We appreciate every one, and it makes a great change of pace of the residents to see new faces and try new things.

Would you like to become involved? Become a friend of the Safe House, click here.

To donate your time or any items, find out more here.


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