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Blaauwklippen Market Stellenbosch

We, at L’Abrie De Dieu would like to thank Hugo Le Roux for allowing us to take part in the Easter Egg hunt at Blaauwklippen, on the 1st of April 2018. He has supported the Safe House’s initiatives on previous occasions.


At L’Abrie we try to restore the dignity of women and children who lived with domestic violence and human trafficking. Partnerships like these are invaluable for our organisation to evolve and grow in meeting the needs of the women and children who find themselves on our doorstep.

L’Abrie Safe house will embark on more extensive initiatives of victim empowerment. Hugo and Blaauwklippen remain committed to assist in L’Abrie meeting the UN Women sustainable development goals.

Our belief is that empowering initiatives create opportunities for the growth and healing for the victims of abuse. It gives them insight to and teaches them the  necessary skills in order to gain meaningful access to the economy.

If we have more women positively contributing towards their own self-actualisation, we can create a sustainable community.

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