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In case you couldn’t make it to our AGM…


Our annual Safe House AGM was held on 28 September at the NG Wes Church in Stellenbosch. We are thankful that we had quorum for the meeting with more than 25 people in attendance. It was lovely to see our board members, donors, sponsors, staff, volunteers and even some residents in attendance.

Although the meeting prescriptive, this year we wanted to not only present facts, statistics and figures, we also wanted to give our audience some real insight into the day to day happenings at the Safe House. One of our talented residents, “Nita” performed humorous snippets of life in the Safe House, which was applauded by our audience.



This year we also took a few minutes to look back at how far L’Abrie de Dieu has come since its inception. Various successful campaigns over the years and an ex- resident who is now employed in the Safe House as a House Mother are memorable highlights that remind us about the impact of the work we are doing in the community at large.

Our therapy cat


Quality Assurance Audit Results

We are very proud of the fact that our organisation scored 95% in the Quality Assurance Audit done by the Department of Social Development this year. Even though we’ve had a trying year housing 60 victims while losing support staff, we managed to prove that we are not only on the right track with how we run things, but that we are also an example to other shelters. We believe that the thing that drives us to success is the fact that we are always looking for new better ways to serve the victims who find themselves on our doorstep.

We are also pleased to report that our building project reached fruition this year. We got a big financial injection from the National Lotteries Board who donated R500 000 to see the building project through.  We now have 5 extra bedrooms and 2 new bathrooms, with a beautiful Skills Training Facility to better accommodate and empower the growing number of women and children who need a safe haven and upliftment from their domestic violence ordeal.



Our auditor Dennis from Exceed who is also volunteer, explained in person the various expense allocations that the Safe House has and reported that Safe House is financially sound.

We would like to thank each and every person who thought of us and the work we do and opened their hearts and wallets to assist us. Without you, our work would be impossible.


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