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Miss Varsity Cup Finalists are Beautiful: Inside and Out

Miss Varsity Cup Finalists are Beautiful: Inside and Out

Miss Varsity Cup 2017 Safe House Stellenbosch

Being a unique part of the off-field entertainment

Miss Varsity Cup and Miss Varsity Shield has become a highlight that makes the Varsity Cup such a major success. Young ladies from the various participating campuses are dominating the initiative by entering the competition to showcase their inner beauty by mixing a significant amount of passion for sport and giving back to their community through rugby.

The 12 Miss Maties Varsity Cup finalists have been Inspired and mentored by the reigning Miss Varsity Cup Joy Mashego.

Kay-Dee Adams, one of the 2017 finalists, spoke on behalf of all the girls.

“We are blessed with the opportunity to be involved with the “Keep the Aggro on the field” campaign backing our boytjies and more specifically being involved with the L’Abrie de Dieu Safe House, shelter for abused women.”

[Read about how Maties Rugby takes lending a hand at Safe House seriously]

The finalists have been visiting the Safe House and pampering the women, making them feel beautiful again and reminding them of their worth. All agree that it was a humbling experience that touched each of them deeply.

“We saw in the eyes of the women what it meant to be brave, to stay strong and to carry on.”

Maties most beautiful ladies are excited to be actively involved in Safe House, and part of their contribution towards the Safe House currently is helping to find sponsors and donors for the Safe House’s Building project. They are also running a raffle in order to raise funds towards the needs of the shelter.

“We are so happy to see the dreams and goals of a selfless initiative which counsels and supports abused women and children within our Stellenbosch region, are progressively becoming a reality and the community.”

A message from the finalists:

“To the strong and courageous women at L’Abrie de Dieu: Take those words from Rupi Kaur, ‘The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it.’  We want to say: You are incredible, you make this world a little more wonderful. You have so much potential and so many things left to do. Better things are coming your way, so please hang in there, you can do it.”


“Trying to move mountains everyday as a team with Godfidence, makes us not only fighters but more so overall winners.”


Safe House wishes to say a BIG thank you to these inspiring young women for everything they have done. You are all beautiful inside and out, and we wish you all the best in your future.

Inspired to become a volunteer? Perhaps you want to make a donation? We’d love to hear from you. You can become a Friend of the Safe House by committing a small monthly amount, of your own choosing, to our work.


Varsity Cup Finalists 2017: 
• Annemika Kearney
• Tamsyn Jack
• Retlametswe Losaba
• Tenielle Jonkers
• Kay-Dee Adams
• Nicola van der westhuizen
• Daniella Jacobs
• Carla Truter
• Lethukwenama letsoalo
• Yemurai Muchenje
• Victoria Leigh Parker-
• Kanja van der Merwe

Please support them by hashtagging!






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Keep the Aggro on the Field

Keep the Aggro on the Field

Safe House Stellenbosch must be one of the luckiest NPO’s in South Africa. Do you know why? Because they have been adopted by the FNB Maties rugby team as their local shelter of choice for the Varsity Cup ‘Keep the Aggro on the field‘ campaign.

All Varsity Cup & Shield universities accepted the challenge of identifying a local shelter or organisation that counsels and supports abused women. Varsity Cup gave each of the 13 universities the right to commit support and appropriated funds towards their social involvement projects. What makes the campaign even more impressive is the financial commitment is not enough, the first-team players themselves must physically be involved in lending a hand – literally.

In an effort to gain more exposure for this worthy cause, every man of the match during the Varsity Cup tournament will be awarded a pink shorts to wear in the next match. The idea is that through the very masculine and aggressive game of rugby, more men are made aware of the effects of domestic violence on women and children. Sport can be used to channel frustration and aggression in a positive way.

Maties Rugby Safe House Stellenbosch

And if the success of the drive is to be measured by ‘lending a hand’ literally, then the FNB Maties do come out tops. At Safe House they have been instrumental in various improvements and building projects at the house. Everything from creating or improving on a number of areas at the house like the serenity garden for the victims and the play area for the children. The play therapy room, which has been become a very important part of the counselling that children receive when they come to Safe House [read more here].

FNB Maties have committed to support the L’Abrie de Dieu Safe House because we are a social outreach mission that aims to address the plight of vulnerable women and children who fall victim to violence.

Did you know that Safe House Stellenbosch is the only shelter of its kind in the Greater Stellenbosch Municipal District for victims of domestic violence and abuse?

Lee Rossouw, the manager of Safe House says, “The moral regeneration movement of the South African government has identified women and children at risk as the number one social priority that requires government and civil attention. This is where the Varsity Cup Organisation and Maties Rugby Club has stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge to make a difference. Their “keep the Aggro on the field” campaign might touch so much more lives we are not even aware of, because we have seen that just by speaking out against domestic violence and being supportive of those directly affected we can all make a positive difference! We want to thank The Varsity Cup Organisation and Maties Rugby Club for their yearly sponsorship and direct involvement in our shelter!”

FNB Maties have been supporting Safe House for the past 6 years after they heard about our organisation. Their ‘Keep the Aggro on the Field’ campaign was launched 10 years ago. If you would like to get involved in the work Safe House does read more here how you can become a Friend of the Safe House. Or if you feel compelled to make a donation, click here. Keen to volunteer, read more here.


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Be the change!

Be the change!

Madiba spent 67 years making the world a better place. What will you do with your 67 minutes?

18 July is Mandela Day and Safe House Stellenbosch will be pay tribute to Madiba in various 67 increments this month. Please join us in our 2016 Sixty Seven Drive to be the change in the lives of women and children who are victims of domestic violence this July.

Be the change! 3 Acts of Support that will benefit Safe House Stellenbosch in Mandela month.


ONE: Invite 6 or 7 friends to LIKE our Facebook page

That’s easy enough, isn’t it? Simply invite a few friends to like and follow us on Facebook. Why? Because by growing our audience we can educate more people the causes and effects of domestic violence. More people will hear about our safe haven , and reach out for help or offer assistance. Like our FB page here.

TWO: Give 67 minutes of your time

Do you have a skill that you can use to teach or train the unemployed women currently residing at Safe House? Contact us (insert link). Our rehabilitation program is geared at equipping women with the necessary skills for the workplace. We believe that by making them employable they can be independent and free of cycle of abuse.

We also welcome volunteers who want to work with our children. Perhaps you would like to run a craft workshop or a fun activity for our kids? Click here to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

images (27)

THREE: Donate R67 – and invite your friends to do the same

Make your donation once-off or pledge this nominal sum every month. Every rand donated goes a long way at Safe House and we rely on the contributions made by our Friends of Safe House. To become a Friend of Safe House, all you have to do is pledge to donate any small sum of money to Safe House on a monthly basis. For example: you can put a stop order on your account for R67 per month. Mandela month is the ideal time to get into the habit of giving and being the change we want to see in South Africa. Want to become a friend of Safe House? Click here.


Nelson Mandela said: “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. It is in your hands now.”


The idea of Mandela Day was inspired by Nelson Mandela at his 90th birthday celebrations in London’s Hyde Park in 2008. The UN officially declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day in November 2009, recognising Mandela’s “values and his dedication to the service of humanity”.


Safe House Stellenbosch is a place of safety for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. We are not just a shelter. We are dedicated to helping the victims of abuse change their lives through healing therapy and necessary training. To find out more about us and what we do, click here.

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16 Days of Activism #PaintShowTell

16 Days of Activism #PaintShowTell

The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign which starts on  25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and ends on 10 December: International Human Rights Day. The campaign is not exclusive to us, here a read more

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