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Blaauwklippen Market Stellenbosch

We, at L’Abrie De Dieu would like to thank Hugo Le Roux for allowing us to take part in the Easter Egg hunt at Blaauwklippen, on the 1st of April 2018. He has supported the Safe House’s initiatives on previous occasions.


At L’Abrie we try to restore the dignity of women and children who lived with domestic violence and human trafficking. Partnerships like these are invaluable for our organisation to evolve and grow in meeting the needs of the women and children who find themselves on our doorstep.

L’Abrie Safe house will embark on more extensive initiatives of victim empowerment. Hugo and Blaauwklippen remain committed to assist in L’Abrie meeting the UN Women sustainable development goals.

Our belief is that empowering initiatives create opportunities for the growth and healing for the victims of abuse. It gives them insight to and teaches them the  necessary skills in order to gain meaningful access to the economy.

If we have more women positively contributing towards their own self-actualisation, we can create a sustainable community.

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“Cupcakes are muffins who believe in miracles.” This is the story of our Safe House kitchen upgrade

“Cupcakes are muffins who believe in miracles.” This is the story of our Safe House kitchen upgrade

As mentioned at our AGM held last month, Safe House is in the process of expanding in order to accommodate even more women and children who seek a place of safety from domestic violence. Along with the plans to build on more rooms, our kitchen needs an upgrade as part of the regulatory requirements.

The changes made to the kitchen includes an oven built in as well as a new cupboard for gas cylinders. The materials as well as the installation of the new stove was generously donated by Johan Rust from Timbertech Manufacturers.

Johan says, “I think Safe House does tremendous work. Women and children are so vulnerable, and the fact that a place like Safe House exists for them to flee to, makes them a deserving organisation to support. We wanted to do our bit.”

How Safe House acquired the granite is another touching story.  Earth Stone came to quote on the cost of a granite top and then after seeing the meaningful work Safe House does, offered to not only  provide their labour free of charge but also roped in their granite supplier International Slab Sales, the Cape Town branch, to donate the granite top in its entirety.

Safe House Stellenbosch

In the same way, Safe House received its gas bottle installation and clearance certificate free of charge from Christo, who when he came to quote, decided then and there to do the work at no cost.

We would also like to thank Bergzicht Furnishers for donating the 5 plate gas hob and for giving us the oven at cost, which was paid for by a friend of the Safe House.

Executive Director Lee Rossouw explains what this extension means to Safe House.

“They say that cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles… and these people and companies made our kitchen “muffin” into a beautifully decorated cupcake! We are so grateful for these Friends of the Safe House.”

To find out what it means to be a Friend of the Safe House click here.

Please feel free to make a donation to our kitchen with any old unused goods from your own. As long as it’s in working order, we’ll happily add it to our cupboards. Any surplus items we gift to victims who complete our programme and take that first step to starting their lives over. Nothing ever goes to waste.

Our plans are in the process of being approved at the municipality and we are still in need of funding to complete this project.

We are eager to pay it forward with these generous individuals by sharing their respective business contact details. If you would like to contact any of the suppliers above, please use the links to visit their websites. For the suppliers without websites here is their contact details:

Want to get involved with Safe House? Donate or Volunteer.

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Building Project

Building Project


Here is a sneak peek of what we envision 🙂

L’Abrie de Dieu Safe House is the only shelter of its kind in the Greater Stellenbosch Municipal District. It is special in the sense that we assist victims to come to terms with past trauma and helping them to develop into successful, mature individuals – even if it takes months.

At present, our most important objective is to expand in order to house more women. At L’Abrie de Dieu we do not only accommodate women on a short term basis, but also facilitate a holistic recovering strategy. In our care the women receive medical assistance, psychological counselling, skills training, job readiness guidance, good parenting coaching and relationship counselling. Sadly, the need for our services is not diminishing – rather we have an ever increasing demand of our services and we are incapable of helping everyone in need.

For this reason, we need to build on an addition to the current facility in order to accommodate more women and their children as well as deliver better services to them. Our building plans were approved by our board already 2011 and we have been looking for donors who would be able to assist us with this project.

This expansion will ensure SIX more bedrooms, two extra full bathrooms, a large Skills Training facility and an appropriate Therapeutic Intervention and Counselling Room.

It is our sincere hope that we will receive funding for this cause. No woman in need should have to be turned away.

Donations can be made directly into the Safe House account (please use the reference Building Fund):

L’Abrie de Dieu , ABSA, 632005, Current account 4069604712

For more information, please call Lee at: +27 (0)21 883 2574



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