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Celebrating women in August and every day


Celebrating Women on a specific day or month is a great thing, it helps to bring awareness to certain important issues relating to women. But the reality is that we should respect and appreciate women every day. The harsh reality is that every day women are exposed to violence and abuse. Women are our mother’s, sister’s or friends, not one of these women should have to suffer in silence or alone.


When it comes around to that time of year again, ‘Women’s Day’, companies and others run campaigns that promote standing together and the upliftment of women. But still every day there are more and more cases of abuse being reported. This awareness should be carried throughout the year, not put back in a box until the following year again. Women should be encouraged to speak out against the violence and abuse. To shine a light on the issue and to not let it remain hidden and in the dark. By ignoring important issues, does not only affect a single women, but ripples out to touch all around her, including the children in families.


“Here’s to Strong Women. May we know Them. May We Be Them. May We raise Them.” Unknown


The best part about women’s day, is that we can celebrate all women, but we can also applaud those women who have achieved success in political, social and economic arenas. We can also commend those women and think about the women who came before us and sometimes sacrificed much so that we can have what we do today.

Ways you can celebrate Women Every Day

Sometimes the most simple things, mean the most. Give an encouraging word, tell the women in your life how much they mean to you and what you love about them. If you want to add some flower or chocolates with that, go ahead, but the words are the most important. One of the lost arts of today, is card making, and I don’t mean via Actually taking the time to make something from scratch would mean much more than a quick message on the phone, although these are nice too.


You can support women locally or internationally by making donations to your chosen charity. Make monthly contributions to help abused women or sponsor education to girls who don’t have access to schooling. There is also the option of getting involved by volunteering, doing things like handing out pamphlets or helping to organising relevant events. One of the trends every year to bring awareness to women’s issues, is to participate in run/walk events. This is very popular, fun and something you can do with family and friends.


Get together, ask all your favourite women in your life to invite a friend. In this way you can meet new people, forge new friendships and broaden your social network. Or surprise your wife, sister or friend with something good. Take them out to dinner, make the meal yourself, something special you know they would enjoy. Random acts of kindness are a great way to show appreciation. This involves spending time together, which in today’s society is very difficult for some. Everybody is always in a rush, prioritising the women and others in your life is more important.


In society, women have for many years and are still considered less or weaker, it is time to realise that women are just as strong in their own way and are there to support, nurture and be who they are meant to be. To contribute to society in a way that makes the world a better place.


Kids can also celebrate the women and mom’s in their lives. Here are a few ways to show how much you appreciate your mom.


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