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Dreams of being a gangster to becoming a lawyer

In afternoons past,
you would find him
sedentary in indecision or lazy in frustration.
A Frown was his constant companion
He was only ten years old,
yet his disappointment aged him.
Being denied of his childhood
by an absent father
he responded to everything in disrespect.
Irked by his circumstances,
he came to us an extremely angry pre-teenager, heaving anything he could lift
and verbally attacking anyone he could hurt
He never knew a male adult to trust
or a role model to follow
Stepping in to protect his mother from her boyfriend’s abuse
He faced abuse himself
Mad at her for allowing them both to be abused
Infuriated at her for not leaving soon enough
Angry that they’re destitute because of all of this
It is a challenge to now submit to the discipline of his mother
A little boy trapped in concerns and uncertainties,
His dream was to become a gang leader…

Love drove away his fears
Action cured his frustrations
Warmth took him back to his childhood
Acceptance brought a better self-esteem
So today is different…
Today, he gets to stand up when his name is called out in school
Standing second in his grade for Maths
Today, he dreams of becoming a lawyer
Today, he revels in the changes birthed from our shelter.
From engaging events to life-changing healing, –

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