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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! FUN-draising for Safe House

Here’s how you can fundraise for Safe House

Many people know how trying to raise funds for a charity can be overwhelming and difficult. Trying to make the individual or supporter a fundraiser could be challenging. We as supporters and individuals can do our bit to help out and bring in needed funds and exposure. Fundraising is also best done with help from friends, family and your community to be successful. Here are some great ideas that you can try.

For those who love sport

Entering an event like walking, running or cycling can be great fun. Many of these events support a charity and your joining fee goes towards a charity organisation. Why not make more of a contribution by setting up Facebook page with a donate button and ask for donations from friends and family. Or invite your friend to also like our Facebook page and use our donate button. A fun golfing competition amongst colleagues and friends can also be great way to raise funds. Some people take a step further by creating a challenge like climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds. Maybe you don’t have to climb a mountain, but think of something you have been wanting to achieve that you can use as a means to raise funds.

Hosting a cook off

Get your friends, family and community together and have a friendly cook off. I think a braai event will go over nicely to most South African’s. You can sell meal tickets or even ask for a competitor fee to raise more funds.

Dinner night

Invite your family and friends over for dinner. Tell them it is in aid of your chosen charity, Safe House and ask for a donation. Make it even more fun by organising a themed dinner party.

Create your own recipe book

Talking about food, many people have recipes they would like to share. Why not make up a recipe book, use your own recipes and ask your friends for some too. Put it together and sell the recipe book to raise funds.

Clean up and pay up

Get the community together for a clean-up. This would be a good online initiative, where every item you pick up or for every bag you fill somebody can donate something. You’re not only raising funds, but improving the environment too.

Have a kid’s sports day

Parents can get together and host a kid’s sports day. Simple events such as a sack race can be done. Sell tickets to everybody who would like to come. This takes a bit more planning, but is a great family idea. Many parents want to make their children aware that there are children in need of support and care, this could be used as a wonderful opportunity to educate them whilst having fun.

Office contest

Do you work in an office? A very simple way to collect some money is to place a container in the office, where everybody can put their change. At the end of the year you should have collected enough money to gift your charity. A good way to get more money is to make it a R5 jar, not just any small change.

Games Night

Bingo, card games, board games and any other game you can think of. Invite family and friends over for some fun and make sure they know it is for a good cause.

Used Book Sale

Many of us have some old books on the shelf. Get your family and friends to also give you their books and sell them to raise some funds.

Online Fundraiser

Most have heard about, ‘the ice bucket challenge’.  Give this a try yourself by asking your family or colleagues at work to perform a silly challenge and to post it online. Share with everybody and especially on our page and ask other to do the same challenge. Accepting the challenge the person will donate a fee to your cause. Hopefully it will go viral, bringing in lots of donations.

Create and sell crafts

Are you the creative type? Do you make, clothes, soaps, candles or anything else? Use this talent to sell your goods to make money and donate some of the profit.

Offering your service

Offer your service to the community for a donation. Take an example, if you are a beauty therapist, offer mini-manicures for a donation. Or give a percentage of your income to every month to your charity.


Safe House has ‘Friends of Safe House’ for this very reason and it’s a huge help to our cash flow.

We also have opportunities for Volunteers and a need for Donations, so please do reach out if you want to get involved in a worthy cause.


Bake or Yard sale

This is a common way to raise funds. People are always eager to donate in exchange for a piece of fudge or yummy cake.

Hold a contest

Get fundraisers to hold a contest among themselves to see who can raise the most amount of money. The organisation or charity can provide a small reward to the winner.


These are only a few ideas and remember, it is important to use social networking to get even more people involved. Please assist us to raise awareness and invite your friends to like our Facebook page.


As a charity organisation, we at Safe House hope you will be inspired to use some of these fun ways to raise money for our benefit, a little goes a long way so please never undervalue your contribution.


Do you know of any great ideas to raise money? Please let us know!


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