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A Moving Letter from a Resident

We were deeply touched by this letter from one of residents who left us. Always, we feel humbled by the work we do, and to the writer of the letter, we’d like to say: You touched our lives as much as we did yours. Wishing you every blessing in your future.



This is my thank you to everyone who helped me with my healing for the past 4 months – while here at the Safe House my life did really improve. Now I am a better person today because of the Safe House, I am ready for my new join in life and I want to second in life for my children sake… I want to thank the manager of the safe house for the struggle, strength of working hard not giving up on the Safe House for all these years. She worked hard to save our lives and making sure that we eat, are happy, wearing clothes. I thank her for the love she gave us. As a black woman, I never saw a white woman who eats, sharing, laughing with all of us, loving us the same way. I want to thank the skills trainer for the job that she organise for me. The CV she wrote, for teaching me how to face the life, how to talk, handle problem, how to budget, hugging making sure that I have toiletries, good clothes I want to thank the social worker for my healing. I am healed because of your therapy. I am healed mentally, physically and emotionally. Thanks for all the sessions. I have learned a lot, now I know. No man will abuse me again or ever, no is no, enough is enough.

I am very strong now to face the future. I am brave to finish my course with you, now I love myself more than ever. Now I know how to look myself in the mirror and see a beautiful woman. Thank you Safe House. The white house of joy happiness, dreams, success, change and peace: Safe House, I thank you, you’re the house of saving lives and a house of God. I want to thank the donors: thank you for donating food, clothes, toiletries, furniture, blankets and toys for our children. Thank you for everything. May God Almighty bless you all keep on giving for those who do not have. Thank you, thanks to the housemothers. Thank you for your care. Caring is love.          

Thank you for crying with us, praying with us, listening to our problems and giving us a solution. Sorry, for giving you all stress because we come to the Safe House sick. When we go mad, crazy, rude, screaming with our kids. Swearing all sorts of abuse and sickness, housemother, you are there for us. Thank you, we like friends: we eat and sleep together. I want to thank the therapy cats, Shelby and Cleo. I want to end this letter by saying good-bye and please pray for the kids and me.


For the sake of anonymity and her own protection, we have chosen not to reveal the writers name.

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