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We, at Safe House, recognise Strength in Femininity

Too often we see women who give up on their femininity, or start viewing being feminine as a weakness. 9 August was Women’s Day, and this month we, at Safe House Stellenbosch, want to ask all women out there to embrace their God given femininity and realise that being a woman does not make you weak.

What is femininity?

Femininity is depicted in many ways, and if the media is anything to go by, then women misuse their femininity to take advantage of others. They dolly themselves up to be flirtatious and seductive. But this is the world’s idea of being a woman – and there is much more to owning the fact that you are a woman. The strength we are talking about is an inner strength.

Safe House Stellenbosch

Finding strength in your femininity is about embracing your womanhood and allowing yourself to be authentic. It’s about harnessing the things that make you you: your kindness and nurturing nature. Although femininity is also about your softer outside appearance, it’s more about who you are in the inside.

What does the Bible say?

God has made women different purposefully. Physically, they are different, being generally delicate and crafted to bear and nurse children, and they have different emotional needs as well. In the Bible Peter tells husbands to treat their wives in an understanding way because they are different, being women, and men need to understand this (1 Peter 3:7). Women shouldn’t be yelled at, threatened physically, or intimidated by men. They should be treated with sensitivity, care, and respect. Women shouldn’t have to compete with men in terms of “toughness,” for their strength is different. Women are clearly different physically and emotionally in terms of how God has made them and wired them. They need to accept this, and men need to honour this reality.

A woman must guard her heart above all else, and she must be free to be who God made her to be. She is different than man, she is the complement for man, and she has different roles in marriage than the man. True womanhood is doing all that she does, regardless of where she presently is in life, to the honour and glory of God by honouring His Word.


We at Safe House, aim to empower the women who find themselves in our shelter with their God given femininity. We provide opportunities for employment, skills training and counselling.

If you are being abused and need help, please contact us.

If you would like to become involved in our cause, please sign up to be A Friend of the Safe House. We also welcome any donations and volunteers.

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