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We Need Your Help!

Could you assist us with any of the following please? We need these items for the daily running of our shelter.

Email: Charlene –


We also need milk, coffee, creamer, tea, cool drinks, cereal, , peanut butter, jam, sugar, salt, pepper,  loaves of bread, and pasta.  We can also accept some quantities of perishable goods such as polonies, viennas, cheese and eggs are items we could use as well.

Cleaning needs include bleach, laundry & dish detergent, soap, window cleaner, trash bags, food storage bags and containers, brooms, mops, dust pans, dish rags and towels.

Office needs include copy paper, envelopes, postage stamps, file folders, sheet covers, and computer items such as memory cards, flash drives, highlighters, pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands and tape.



More and more qualified youths are looking for jobs but have no luck finding any because of their lack of confidence or experience, or because they do not know where to find the right business opportunities.

The Safe House is in need to of businesses to help our unskilled residents a career kick-start by helping them present themselves better and achieve their goals.

Being informed is the key to success, so skilled volunteers need to share practical advice about employment; lifestyle and fashion tips for the young person who has just started working or is looking for a job.

The volunteers must share practical information on internships, learnerships, bursaries, apprenticeships and small-business programmes and events organised by government departments and agencies, companies and corporate foundations.

You’ll also find features about the work lives of young people from different industries, to illustrate how they overcame obstacles in their own lives to pursue their dreams.

Work and learn from a skilled professional

If you are truly inspired to teach your skills to unskilled women, why not apply to become an Skills training Volunteer Apprentice?

We can can only accept volunteers willing to commit to at least 1 month of full time involvement.

Suitable candidates will be trained in the art of Urban Harvesting via first hand experience, and then excellent candidates will be offered the opportunity to grow the Urban Harvest brand nationwide.

Send me a message to tell me why you are a suitable Urban Harvest Volunteer Apprentice;

“Let’s Grow Together”



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