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We desperately need to replace our lounge couches as it has become completely worn-out – (Second hand or new lounge suite that can seat at least 15 people)

New gas stove with 6 plates (including the gas bottles as well as the box it needs to be installed and locked in)

Voucher to purchase needed linen

According to health regulations we need to replace mattresses every two years. We have a custom furniture maker providing the specific measurement mattresses to us at cost price. Currently we need to replace 11 mattresses.

Future: Custom made Build-in cupboards for Skills Training facility

Vouchers for building purposes

Glue Gun for skills training

Cordless drill for home maintenance

Sewing cabinet

Twin pram

Dinner table to seat 12 -15 people

If you have the following lying around your house:


Ribbons and elastics


Tread (yarn)

Batting / hollow fiber stuffing

Haberdashery items

Knitting and Crochet needles

Further we need:

Wall Mountable Heaters

Mattress Protectors

Spoons: Table Spoons and Teaspoons

Shoes all sizes: boots and tekkies

Cooking oil


Glue (craft, wood, shoes)

Baby bottles

Washing cloths


Underwear (panties smalls’ size) as well as girls and boys – especially the sizes from 2-5years




Hair brushes

Hair elastics

Big towels

And we urgently need clothes for boy of 5 years and 3 years

And a fantasy on our wish list:

DStv EXplora and a commitment from a donor to pay monthly subscription to increase the information portal (as well as recreation and entertainment) for children and women in our shelter.

want to help?

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