How We Help


Creating a safe and accommodating environment for abused women and children


Restore dignity through emotional development and psychological reconditioning


Giving women the tools to empower themselves with critical skills


*During this scary and uncertain time we are facing with COVID-19 we are in desperate need of financial funding and donations to keep our women, children and babies safe and nourished during these trying times.

For a moment I’d like you to imagine what it must be like living in fear of your partner. How helpless and hopeless you feel when you get smacked, beaten, sworn at…how much it must take to hold onto your sanity, trying to keep it together for the sake of your children. And then…one day you just can’t do it anymore. You can’t lie to yourself anymore that it will get better. You need help. You need to flee and it’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done. But you do it. You leave with nothing except your children – because that’s all you can carry.

That is the harsh reality of the women and children who find themselves seeking shelter at a Safe House. They don’t come with suitcases of clothes or money for food. They come with nothing and have to start all over again. And they can’t do it without your help. So, here’s our wish list. I hope it inspires you to make a donation. No matter how small, it WILL make a difference.

 Click the DONATE (top right hand corner) button to make a financial donation, otherwise one of our friendly staff members can arrange to collect any of the below listed donations from you.

What People Say

"n Plek vir almal om te genees en iemand te wees. Great, liefdevolle en genuine mense! Lief vir julle! Great job!♥"
Tanya Immelman
"Sometimes in the circle of life, people get broken, at safe house we try to help them to get on the road again. Be a volunteer."
Carolien Zietsman
"Dit is n wonderlike plek."
Shireen Williams
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