Funding Desperately Needed for Women’s Shelters

In South Africa, but also worldwide, Gender Based Violence (GBV) or Violence against women is an everyday, no, an every hour, occurrence. This has a huge influence on the everyday lives of people throughout the country. Much of the behaviour has deep roots stemming from traditions and cultures in today’s society, that have for some, become a normal part of life. Where can these women go when the abuse gets too much? Women’s shelters play an important role in protecting the rights of all women, for aid and protection. The major problem countywide would be the funding desperately needed for these women’s’ shelters.

Some of the reasons for Gender-Based Violence

The reasons for Gender-Based Violence come from many different angles. There are individual, social, relationship and community factors that all play a role. Even though through the years there has been more awareness of the issue, it still remains one of the worst human right violations in the world.

South Africa is no exception, there have been efforts from government, such as the National Council on Gender-Based Violence. This council was formed in 2012  in order to come up with a strategic plan to combat gender-based violence. Ever since then, the organisation has not had any effect due to lack of funding and other political issues. In 2017, there was another call for the formation of a National Strategic Plan to help bring Gender Violence to an end. But has there been any improvement?

It has been found that the funding from the Department for Social Development, is vastly different around the country. Most of the funding towards the facilities and those who work there are very low. The major problem seems to be that there doesn’t seem to be proper communication between all parties involved, which is needed to come up with a workable and successful plan. There are even departments, like Labour trade and Industry that should be brought into the loop. These play an important role when involved in educating, training and providing employment for abused women.

“No women has to be a victim of physical abuse. Women have to feel like they are not alone.” Salma Hayek

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