Say Hello to Alice, Our New Safe House Manager

Alice Wilton (45) joined the Safe House team at the end of September 2018. Even though this is a busy period for Safe House and she is still setting in, she found the time to tell us a bit more about herself.

What has been the biggest highlight working for Safe House so far?

As a board member we redrafted the constitution of the safe house to align it with my personal belief system, i.e. that dignity can be restored through social justice. We implemented several social justice projects and have seen the impact of it on the women.

Why do you think domestic violence is so rife in South Africa?

Our communities have allowed value systems to be eroded with influences of television. Our children are raised to accept violence as part of everyday life. It has become the “new normal.” Our communities glorify misogynistic and abusive behaviour, in government, business and society in general. Victims suffer secondary abuse by their own community members without consequence. We must rise to make a change.

How can ordinary people make a difference in the lives of the victims at Safe House?

Our communities must speak out against gender based violence. There are not enough SAPS, politicians, prosecutors, etc. to fight the scourge of violence. Our communities must all stand together to fight crime. Giving your time and volunteering is also a great way to make a difference.

What’s the next big fundraising drive at Safe House?

25th of November 2018-16 days of activism

What do you hope to accomplish within the next 6 months?

Create a different business case for the Safe House.

More about Alice…

Hobbies : Reading

Super power :  I walk without feeling the bottom of my feet. God “piggy backs” me.

Random fact about yourself : I have one beautiful son.

Most recent book you’ve read: Unstoppable by Christine Caine

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